Social Media

Mensa Canada is on social media!  This is a great way to connect with other members.

The Mensa Canada website has additional information about Social Media on their Social Media page.






Vancouver Meetup Group  Current activities in BC for any Mensa member.  If you have an event you would like to host, you can post it here!

Mensa Websites

If you want to know more about Mensa, you should definitely check out these Mensa websites!

Mensa International Limited  Mensa is an international organization.  The website includes a lot of great additional information about Mensa as well as brain teaser test.

Mensa Canada Society  lists information about Mensa across Canada.  Activities of interest include the Annual Gathering which is a conference where members from across the country can meet other members.  Note that many local groups host Regional Gatherings which are a similar type of event that is hosted by that group.  Any member can attend these events.

Mensa Canada Society – SIGS  Special Interest Groups are topic specific activities.  American Mensa has a lot of these.  While SIGS are relatively new to Canada, it is a great way to meet other members, especially if you may be in a more remote location.

Mensa Boutique  There is a fun selection if you want to purchase Mensa related items.